CreativeWear – Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space is a project within the Interreg MED Program aimed at revitalizing the European textile and clothing sector through a different approach that focuses on territorial creativity, on the dimension of social and collective work, on personalized design – in short on social innovation – as the main driver of new business models based on clusters

Municipality of Prato is the Lead Partner with a partnership of nine other subjects: the Prato Fabric Museum Foundation (Italy), the University of Valencia (Spain), AITEX Institute for textile research (Spain), Consorzio Arca di Palermo ( Italy), E-zavod (Slovenia), Allium cooperative-Etri community (Slovenia), Hellenic Industrial Clothing Association (Greece), Creative Thinking Development (Greece), EURATEX (Belgium).

CreativeWear extends the TCBL model (Textile & Clothing Business Labs, a European project currently ongoing under the HORIZON 2020 program) to existing clusters in the MED area such as museums, creative hubs, fashion schools and design centers, integrating them with the ecosystem of reference and trying to recover and enhance the heritage of design and the “know-how” of Mediterranean cultures. A process aimed at bringing new energy to clusters and industrial districts of the Textile and Clothing sector, strengthening their creativity-based innovation capacity and integrating their business into emerging transnational value chains.

With this objective the Project proposes the establishment of a network of 5 Hubs (one for each partner region) that can experiment with different forms of interaction between creatives (artists, designers, etc.) and entrepreneurs. The pilot experiences of these approaches will validate new and more sustainable business models available to cultural and creative industries that will give added value to the T & C sector in the Mediterranean. Successful solutions will then be extended at a transnational level to creative hubs in the MED area and beyond.

The Heritage Hub in Prato aims to digitize the significant heritage of the textile industrial district (catalogs, sample books, collections, etc) to stimulate renewed creativity and encourage a strong Mediterranean identity for new productions in the T & A sector.

The Creativewear Project, developed within the Interreg MED Program, is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

BUDGET: 2.221 M €
ERDF/IPA: 1.887 M €