Several years ago, the Museo del Tessuto launched accessibility itineraries dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s/cognitive impairment and their professional and family caregivers. Starting in 2015, together with the Museum of Planetary Sciences, the ”Memories and emotions at the Museum” project was trialled with the ”La casa di Narnali” Alzheimer Day Centre, thanks to the stipulation of an agreement with the ASL (Local Health Authority) of Prato under the scientific coordination of Dr Calvani.

In 2017 the ”Work in Progress” project was conceived through a collaboration with the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Pecci, the Museum of Planetary Sciences and the Sarah Coop. Sociale in Prato.

This project aimed to introduce a different approach to senile dementia, creating occasions for encounters and participation where the elderly and their caregivers can have a gratifying experience in contact with art, absolutely freed from judgment and with boundless imagination.

Over the last two years, the Museo del Tessuto, together with the other two Prato museums, has strengthened its interaction with the city’s social sector, undertaking a partnership with the Borro Cooperativa Sociale and the Consorzio Astir to structure ad hoc itineraries for people with dementia and their families.

These itineraries were designed after a training phase for museum educators organised by the Tuscany Region, following the guidelines of the Education Department of the Museo Marino Marini and the Fondazione di Palazzo Strozzi, pioneers of these projects.

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