The Museo del Tessuto has a policy of expanding its collections through acquisitions and donations. Acquisitions are guided by a scientific interest in the object, particularly its representative qualities in relation to the Museum’s collections.

The donation of objects is generally proposed by individuals and companies in the T&C sector. After a preliminary consultation between the director and the conservator regarding the compatibility of the proposed artefacts, an inspection may be carried out to verify the scale, quality and state of conservation of the offered materials. Once the relevance and legitimacy of the artefact’s origin have been confirmed, the acquisition is carried out by means of a deed of gift. The deed documents the donor’s wishes, whose personal details are disclosed, to transfer the artefact owned by them free of charge. The deed detailing the donor’s wishes is signed by their witness. The recipient, in the person of the Foundation’s President, receives the artefact to which the conservator bears witness. The enclosed document describes the donated artefact accompanied by an image. A signed copy of the document is sent to the donor, and one copy remains in the Museum’s records. Especially significant donations are registered through a public deed.


If you wish to donate an object to the Museum’s collection, please contact Director Filippo Guarini (