European projects

The Museum partecipate in numerous cultural and local marketing projects that evaluate local and international textile traditions as well as projects on creativity applied to design, in partnership with Italian and foreign cultural institutions, museums, universities, companies and universities.

2020-2022 // Stitch

Safeguarding and Teaching the Intangible Textile Cultural Heritage.


Creative Clothing for the Mediterranean Space.

STAND Up! Project

Sustainable Textile Action for Networking and Development of circular economy business ventures in the Mediterranean.


The Textile Heritage Inspiring Creatives project aims to promote the knowledge of European heritage, experimenting with its use as a source of inspiration for design and contemporary artistic creation.

2016-2019 // Art-Cherie

The objective of the ART CHERIE project is to contribute to the protection and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage of fashion and to plan and organize professional training courses to improve the skills of European designers working in the textile and clothing industries.