EU Project


Achieving and retrieving creativity through European faschion cultural heritage inspiration

The objective of the ART CHERIE project is to contribute to the protection and enhancement of the Cultural Heritage of fashion and to plan and organize professional training courses to improve the skills of European designers working in the textile and clothing industries. clothing and / or for young designers.

Project description

The fashion industry is characterized by a high level of creativity and innovation and a rapid change in trends. This sector is continually reinventing itself to meet the needs of consumers. Inspiration comes from culture, social changes and styles and clothing from the past. One of the main challenges for designers is to find a balance between meeting individual needs and maintaining profitability. To be interpreters of rapid changes in fashion, designers must be updated, involved in research, and know both the past and the current state of trends. Taking inspiration from these sources, stylists are able to produce more creative, original and better quality design works.


  • Open an innovative platform for education, training and youth work in the fashion industry
  • Improve and expand the offer of high quality training for company employees and young designers
  • Further strengthening of the key competences of VET curricula


The overall objective of the ART CHERIE project is to bridge the gap between the needs of the fashion industry and the lack of specific experience of young designers, using innovative approaches from the project. The objectives that we set ourselves are the following:

  • Organize and digitize a selection of the historical collections kept in the Prato Textile Museum
  • Sviluppare uno strumento di formazione integrato, innovativo e progettato sulle specifiche competenze degli stilisti sulla base delle informazioni citate sopra
  • Create a web platform with courses for fashion designers, industry insiders and young fashion students who aim to work in the European textile-clothing sector

Expected results

  • Enhancement of the knowledge, skills and competences of stylists
  • Involvement of the sector-fashion staff in a context of non-formal continuous learning, based on work experience and resolution of critical issues
  • Definition and development of a curriculum for vocational training that can become a European standard and which includes a qualifications framework
  • Creation of a digital training platform that will bring together stylists from across Europe, which will provide online training and ease the dissemination of knowledge and the sharing of experiences. Furthermore, it will serve as a means for all interested parties to share interests, suggestions and to promote job opportunities
  • Improvement and expansion of high quality learning opportunities tailored to the specific needs of stylists
  • Contribution to modernization and professionalism of PMI(SMEs) in the fashion industry, providing a high quality ICT tool, which can help to improve the organization of different departments

Partership & Budget

  • Full title of the project: Enhance creativity through inspiration from the European cultural heritage of fashion
  • Acronym of the project: ART-CHERIE
  • Duration of the project: 30 months (from 01/12/2016 to 31/05/2019)
  • Loan scheme: ERASMUS
  • Participating countries: Belgium, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom