Cre@ctive Project - Innovation for bringing creativity to activate Traditional Sectors in MED área

The Textile Museum participates, on behalf of the Municipality of Prato, in one of the L@bs of the Cre@ctive project – Innovation for bringing creativity to activate Traditional Sectors in MED área, funded by the European Program ENI CBC MEDII.

Project description

The Cre@ctive project aims to promote creativity as a tool to enhance the textile, clothing, footwear and leather goods sectors. The project, funded by the ENI CBC MED programme, aims to promote value chains and synergies between SMEs in the Mediterranean textile, footwear and leather sectors, in order to encourage the creation of new products and the business growth.

The Heritage L@b of Prato aims to develop innovative and creative business models with added value and high market potential, in order to promote the textile, clothing, footwear and leather goods industry in the Mediterranean area.

Our Museum is the referent of the 3 projects that have been selected with a call aimed at artists, designers, technological SMEs and/or in the textile, clothing, footwear and leather goods sector:

A sustainable history repeating, the new Prato carded fabric” – Texmoda Tessuti srl
The proposal is to update the archive of carded fabrics by consulting and drawing inspiration from the archive of the Prato Textile Museum. This will make it possible to renew the resources of the Texmoda company’s textile heritage in order to produce new samples with high quality models.

Heritage Design Studio” – Lottozero Textile Laboratories
Archives and cultural collections are vital resources for design and have become crucial for accessing our heritage. The wealth of digital material made available by many institutions has the potential to serve as study and inspiration and generate rich and innovative products. This service will be developed and offered on the Lottozero website and will include a section dedicated to existing and available digital archives selected from a wide range of partners.

WASTE to WEAR: hacking tradition” – Fabio Molinas
Can industrial waste become fashionable? Can recycled residues replace noble materials in the luxury of fashion? Can new generation materials become part of our country’s heritage? The answer is yes. Consumers understand the importance of the environmental impact they generate when they buy fashion items. Recycled/bio-based materials make the user aware of the ecosystem, preferring it over traditional/fossil-based materials. The project responds to the needs of fashion companies, mainly in the luxury sector, which is the most difficult to convince to use new recycled materials.

Project duration

June 2022 – May 2023

Website Cre@tive


Filippo Guarini Director of the Prato Textile Museum |