Governing bodies

The activities of the Prato Museo del Tessuto Foundation are organised and managed by the following governing bodies:


The Foundation president is appointed by the Management Committee on the recommendation of the Mayor of Prato. The president is concerned with promoting the development and activities of the Foundation according to the statutes and decisions of the Management Committee’s Steering Committee; he supervises all of the Foundation's initiatives and activities; he takes on the role of legal representative.
The current President is Francesco Nicola Marini, textile entrepreneur.


The Foundation vice-president is appointed on the recommendation of the Management Committee of the ITS Buzzi Alumni Association. The vice-president coordinates the Museum’s cultural exhibition and annual promotion programme and replaces the president in the case of his absence or impediment.
The current vice-president is Giuseppe Moretti.

Steering Committee (SC)

The SC consists of a president, vice president, one representative for each foundation member and one representative for the honorary foundation members. The SC provides guidance in relation to the Foundation’s activities, approving the general direction of the activities and deliberating in regard to the determination and modification of the foundation members’ annual contribution, with a two-thirds majority vote within the Foundation.
The current advisors are Simone Mangani (Municipality of Prato), Gabriele Alberti (Province of Prato), Alessandro Giacomelli (Chamber of Commerce) Roberto Sarti (Honorary Foundation Members Meeting).

Management Committee (MC)

The MC is the executive governing body and consists of a president, vice president, one representative from each foundation member and one representative appointed by the honorary foundation members. The MC, within the guidelines set by the Steering Committee, carries out responsibilities in the field of ordinary and extraordinary management.
The current advisors are Sauro Venturini Degli EspositiSilvia BorriFederico CecchiGiuseppe Francesco Gori.

Scientific Committee (SC)

If appointed, the SC is composed of five members, four of whom are appointed by the Management Committee and a representative of the Superintendent of the Artistic and Historic Heritage in the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia. At the Scientific Committee meetings, the director and curator participate without the right to vote. The SC provides consultation in the definition of programmes and with regard to the acquisition policy.
The Scientific Committee has not been appointed.


The director is responsible for the positive performance and proper operation of the Museum, particularly by achieving objectives set by the Management Committee, implementing programmes, collaborating in the Museum’s cultural events and annual exhibitions and working together with the administrative management and the Foundation staff.
The director in charge is Filippo Guarini.


The auditor is responsible for the administrative review and audit of the Foundation, ensuring the accounting records are properly maintained and that the financial statements comply with the accounting books and compliance with all of the regulations stipulated by the relative laws in force.
The current auditor is Dr Francesco Farnetani.