Guided tours

Access is allowed for groups up to a maximum of 25 participants and a companion, necessarily equipped with a whisper system (microphone and earphones), regardless of the number of members of their group. The group must follow any instructions from the staff for adequate logistics of the visit, also respecting the safety rules and the capacities of the rooms.

Groups with their own guide can book the entry shift by purchasing the ticket online (€ 10 compulsory booking of the entry shift).

Groups that require a guided tour must book by contacting the Coopculture infopoint

Groups have the opportunity to book even outside opening hours (groups with a minimum of 10 people and with at least one week’s notice. For information on costs and access methods, contact the Coopculture infopoint

Alternatively, if unable to purchase online, please contact the Coopculture infopoint at the following numbers: telephone: +39 0574 1837859 | mail:

Attention: the maximum duration of the visit for groups is one hour. Please note that if you wish to extend the duration of the visit, it will be necessary to contact the ticketing and reception staff who control and manage the flow of visitors to agree on the procedures in compliance with safety regulations.

Group booking

You can book guided tours for both school and non-school groups, for a minimum of 10 participants. The visits are carried out in Italian or English. The tour duration is approximately 1 hour.

Adults, Tourism and Personal Groups

Cost of the guided tour 100 € + reduced ticket each person

Booking at:
phone: + 39 0574 1837859

School Groups

Visite guidate e interattive, laboratori creativi e percorsi di approfondimento sono al centro dell’offerta didattica del Museo per le scuole.

For information and booking
phone: 0574 611503