Activities for schools

Guided and interactive tours, creative workshops and in-depth courses are at the centre of the Museum’s educational initiatives for schools, offering a rich programme of activities to spark the children’s interest in historic and contemporary textiles, fashion and design.

The observation and the discovery of materials and forms of the textiles constitutes the basis of the Museum’s educational experience. Through a multi-sensory approach (sight, touch, hearing and taste) children and adolescents approach the world of textiles, learning to recognise them both as objects of daily use as well as artefacts which are comparable to works of art. The development of manual skills is also at the heart of the workshop activities.

The Museum pays particular attention to professional and specialist schools in the fashion/design sector, with interdisciplinary study paths of topics covered in the curriculum, meetings with experts and company case histories.

Upon request, the Museum collaborates with schools to plan specific educational programmes. One part of the activities is designed in a coordinated and integrated manner with the Pratomusei system, involving the other city museums.

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