The Museum is fully accessible to people with disabilities.


The Museum is equipped with lockers with keys. Large bags, backpacks and any other objects which, in the opinion of the security staff, cannot be introduced into the exhibition spaces must be left in these lockers. Use of the lockers is free. The lockers are not subject to any type of surveillance. The Museum is not liable for damage or loss of property.


- opening times and closing days are posted at the Museum entrance
- opening times, tickets costs and entry conditions are also shown in the reception area and on the website
- all exhibition texts in the various rooms of the Museum are in Italian and English


It is strictly forbidden to:
- smoke inside the Museum
- bring food or drinks into the Museum; paper, cans, bottles or other waste must be disposed of in the rubbish bins located outside the Museum 
- bring animals into the Museum
- touch the exhibits unless this is specifically permitted


- Amateur photographs are allowed without the use of flash
- Professional photographs and video recordings are permitted only if prior authorisation is granted by the management


- Visitors are liable for any damage they cause to the displays, structure or exhibited works. The management accepts no responsibility for injury to persons and/or damage to property caused by visitors
- Parents and guardians of minors are responsible and accountable for their behaviour for the entire duration of their visit to the Museum


Any complaints from the public regarding problems encountered within the exhibition or reception areas can be forwarded to the email address  or by sending a letter to: Fondazione Museo del Tessuto di Prato, Via Santa Chiara 24, Prato. A member of staff will reply within 15 days of receiving the complaint.