Enrich and promote traditional and contemporary craft 

Project description

The project aims to enhance the European textile and clothing heritage and in particular the high craftsmanship content of this sector.

The purpose is not only to preserve the material features of textile heritage but all the intangible values connected to it: skills, know-how, success stories, etc. Traditional craftsmanship is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for contemporary creatives, a resource that must be appropriately preserved and made available for research.


The goal of the project is to carry out digitization and aggregation activities of multiple European fashion collections on the Europeana digital platform, linking them to metadata of a technical, historical, cultural, stylistic and narrative nature.

The activities include:

  • the digitization of new collections on the Europeana platform
  • the migration of collections already digitized on the Europeana platform
  • the aggregation of additional content such as video materials
  • the creation of 3D models



  • University of Athens, Greece 
  • Michael Culture Association, Belgium
  • Stitching Netherland Institute, The Netherlands
  • European Fashion Heritage Association, Italy
  • Stitching Europeana, Belgium
  • Datable BV, Belgium
  • AG Culturale Instellingen Antwerpen/Erfgoed, Belgium
  • University of Luxemburg, Luxemburg
  • Mobilier National des Gobelins, France
  • Traditional Art Museum, Croatia
  • Stowarzysenie Informacja, Poland
  • Fondazione Museo del Tessuto, Italy
  • Etablissement Public Paris Musees, France
  • National Documentation Center, Greece


Budget: 1M€  (€ 999.683,55)
Duration: 30 mesi (dal 01/12/2016 al 31/05/2019)
Mueasure/Axis: Connecting Europe Facility -Telecom

Crafted Project Website


Filippo Guarini, Project Manager per il Museo del Tessuto di Prato | f.guarini@museodeltessuto.it